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ASB New Website!

19 August 2013

Check us out! The official website for Vanderbilt Alternative Spring Break has been moved to

New Video!

17 April 2013

For those of you new to ASB or just checking out the website for the first time, we invite you to check out our new “What is ASB?” video! This video gives a general overview of ASB, shares personal testimonies, and tells you why you should get involved. It can be found here and under our “About ASB” section. Make sure to check it out! (And for those of you already-ASBers, check it out to see if you and your site are featured!)

A Big Welcome to ASBoard 2k14!

7 April 2013

Watch out y’all – there’s a new ASBoard in town! As of this past Wednesday, 12 ASBers are joining the ranks of many before them to serve as the new Executive Board of Vanderbilt Alternative Spring Break. After notifications were sent out on Tuesday and co-pairs/positions were revealed on Wednesday, ASBoard 2k14 officially became a reality. While we on ASBoard 2k13 will be sad to end our term, we know that the future of ASB is in very capable hands. A big congratulations to the 12 newest members of ASBoard!:


Co-Chairs: Kristin Adams and Aaron Nehamkin

Education: Paul Minetos and Abbie Tolon

Placements: Nick Arnold and Katie Pons

Public Relations: Jim Jin and Vivian Perng

Site and Service Development: Sushma Boppana and Patricia Soo

Treasurers: Laura Chahin and David DiPanfilo


ASBoard 2k14!

ASBers Keep Lighting Up the World

25 March 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to ASBenefit today! Despite some minor technological glitches, we thought it went great – and we hope you all had an ASBlast! It was inspiring to see how much this year’s ASB meant to all of you, and we hope you continue to feel the ASB love and Light Up the World for years to come. In case you missed it, here’s the video that gives a brief look into how amazing ASB 2k13 was!


ASBenefit Today!!

24 March 2013

Hello ASBumblebees!


Today is the big day!! ASBenefit is tonight at 7 in the SLC Ballroom! Come ready to eat, enjoy photos and videos from the trips, listen to meaningful ASB testimonials, and in general have an ASBallin’ time! Pick up ASB swag, including long-sleeve T-shirts if you ordered one. And don’t forget to buy your ticket from an SL – all proceeds go back to help ASB!

The ASB Fun Never Stops

13 March 2013

WELCOME BACK from the ASBest week of your lives!! We hope that each and every one of you had an unforgettable experience filled meaningful service, education and reflection… plus a little fun too 🙂 But don’t be ASBlue now that it’s over… there’s still more ASBonding to come! Make sure to come to ASBenefit next Sunday, March 24th at 7 PM in the SLC ballroom. Enjoy yummy food, hang out with your site, feel more of the ASB love, and in general have an ASBlast. Buy tickets from any site leader – they’re only $5 and the proceeds help ensure that our organization can thrive for years to come! 


Looking forward to seeing you all there!



Winter ASBrrrr-etin

12 February 2013

The Winter ASBulletin is here! Check out this issue for upcoming events, recaps on Orientation and Days of Service, an awesome Participant Spotlight, and so much more! Find it here on our website on the right hand side of the home page under “Downloads”.

It’s Gonna Be (ASB!)

21 January 2013

Couldn’t make it to Orientation yesterday? Check out just how much fun you’re going to have on your week of ASB with our 2k13 Orientation Video!:

Orientation 2k13!

15 January 2013

Miss our ASBig happy family? No worries, orientation is THIS SUNDAY January 20th at 4 pm.  See you there so we can get together to talk about the rules and rewards of the ASBest week ever!

P.S. ASB is in 46 days HIP HIP HOORAY!!


Fresh off the PRinting PRess!

28 November 2012

Hey ASBers!

The Fall 2012 ASBulletin is fresh off the PRinting PRess!  The ASBulletin is a quarterly publication that recaps all of the ASB news while giving you a heads up on all the upcoming ASB events!  Take a look at the link on the right and also HERE!

ALSO — BUY AN ASB LONG-SLEEVE!  $15 is all it costs to support ASB!

PR & ASBoard